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StratCol Group of Companies
Established in October 2003, StratCol operates from its Head Office in Pretoria. As a market leader in the collection and payment facilitation industry, our success stems from our commitment to client needs and unwavering flexibility.
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StratCol Ltd Reg no: 1983/001494/06 processes non-insurance related collections and payments.

We are regulated by the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) which is recognised by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in terms of the National Payment System Act of 1998.

Sponsored by ABSA Bank.

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StratCol Premium Collections (Pty) Ltd, Reg no: 2015/071843/07 processes insurance premium collections and payments, with FSP licence no 46105.

Sponsored by ABSA Bank.

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MiVoice (Pty) Ltd Reg no: 2016/065497/07, is powering MiVoice Mobile Application

MiVoice Mobile Application:

Since the world is becoming more and more digital after the Covid-19 pandemic, our personal information has never been as exposed and targeted as it is today. South African legislation provides for the protection of information under the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act. Very few communication platforms, comply with this Act.

Our corporate / organisational users have the benefit of using our online platform to communicate, promote services and do surveys in a structured, multi-directional fashion with their members through MiVoice, while enjoying the peace of mind that they are 100% compliant with the POPI Act. They can communicate with individual members directly, and simultaneously with a specific group of members, or their entire membership base. The information of group members remains hidden to everyone using that group, and the corporate / organisation can control the time line of a reply, as well as the level of privacy and/or visibility of replies.

MiVoice Mobile Application is a world first in sharing your emergency simultaneously, and in real time, with trusted friends and Angels.
A close loop wallet is available to subscribers to receive payments, buy airtime, data, electricity, retailer vouchers and transfer money to a personal bank account or that of a third party within MiVoice or their bank accounts.

The comprehensive Human Resource (HR) option allows employers of domestic or informal workers to pay their employees through MiVoice wallet, compile employment contracts, issue pay slips, administer leave applications and records, compile a work schedule and access a communication channel in real time.

Refer to https://mivoice.app or download Mivoice on App Store or Google Play.

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