DebiCheck is an electronically authorised debit order mandate. The objective thereof is to protect customers, allowing them to approve debits against their accounts before the debit order is presented for collection. It is referred to as an Authenticated Debit Order.

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Transaction (Authentication) types:

DebiCheck allows for different transaction types as provided by the participating banks:

  • TT 1 - Real Time and Delayed (Real-time USSD request notification - response time of 120 seconds after submitting the mandate initiation and Delayed SMS response notification - until 21H00 on the current day on which the mandate initiation was submitted). StratCol provides these services through its online portal.
  • TT 2 - Batch (Bulk uploads - 48 hours after submission of the transaction). StratCol provides this service through its online portal.
  • TT 3 - Card (Face-to-face). Real Time device authentication with individual's bank card and pin present.

The DebiCheck Participating banks are:

DebitCheck Participating Banks

Ways of authentication:

It is required that a customer / debtor authenticates the mandate through one of the following channels as stipulated by the respective financial institution:
  • Mobile Phone Banking (USSD capability)
  • Online Banking
  • Branch (client self-assisted or staff assisted)
  • Banking Application
  • Automated Teller Machine (ATM)
  • Point of Sale (POS) (Card and Pin)
  • Contact Centre

EDO Processing times in response from debtor

This service offers different processing times:

Once a debit order has been authenticated, the authorised debit order collection will be processed during the first window period (after the credit run approximately 03:00 a.m. on the collection day). This will be known as the DebiCheck run.

Not authenticated:
In the event of a debtor rejecting the authentication request, no transaction will be processed.

No response:
A transaction may failover (Manual or Automatic - depending on rule setting) to a RMS Registered Mandate Service) transaction in the event of the debtor not responding to the authentication request.

These transactions will be processed in the second window period after the DebiCheck run) and is a disputable transaction.

Mandates (Debit Order form):

  • StratCol can furnish you with a PASA approved mandate, individually branded.
  • Should voice mandates form part of a marketing drive (Call Centre marketing), StratCol can guide you in the use of a PASA approved script.
  • DebiCheck mandates can be captured on StratCol’s Online Interface or generated through our E-Mandate / Payment Instruction facility or Mobile Application .

Transaction days:

  • Transaction days can be customised to suit your needs which means any day of the month.

Tracking days:

  • Maximum tracking period for DebiCheck is 10 days.

Payment and reporting:

  • Collected funds will be made payable based on the needs of the client.
  • Split payments are possible.
  • Payment is accompanied by a Payment Report indicating the status of transactions and reasons for unpaid amounts.


  • Securities for collection services will be determined based on the risk profile of the client.


  • We support various integration options e.g. System-to-System integration, SFTP and Mobile integration.
  • Our INTEGRATOR platform can be defined into subsystems and modules to be embedded into your business software platform.
  • The functionality of the modules can be aligned to suit the process flow within an organisation.


  • There will be a successful and unsuccessful once off initiation fee for the different authentication methods / transaction types as well as tracking, paid, dispute and unpaid fees.
  • StratCol’s fees compete well with those of other service providers and are of the lowest in the market.
  • Fees are determined on a client-by-client basis. Contact Us to obtain a Facility Application to assist us in establishing your specific needs, after which an official quotation will be forwarded to you.

Switch and save:

  • Our competitive fee structure could result in a substantial cost reduction, regardless of your current service provider.

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