Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Legally your account may only be debited if you mandated it, either in writing or by recording. However, if the data capture clerk made and error and typed a 4 instead of a 6, the wrong account may be debited.

The same could happen if the actual account holder mistakenly provides an incorrect account number. Should this happen to you, contact our call centre to have the issue rectified.

StratCol is a Debit Order and DebiCheck transaction facilitator. We collect funds on behalf of many organisations.

If you feel your account was debited incorrectly do not hesitate to contact us for our staff to assist in determining which company the instruction came from. If you are confident that the account was debited incorrectly, kindly contact your bank.

We process information provided to us by the client in an electronic format. More than 1 million debit orders are processed per month, making it virtually impossible to verify each transaction before the required action date.

We run monthly transactional spot-checks and confidentiality tests to ensure that the necessary procedures have been followed to validate the legitimacy of errors and to eliminate fraud.

For example: Ten errors made by one client processing twenty transactions creates a different scenario than a large corporation processing ten thousand transactions with only ten errors. Should we be of the opinion that an error is not bona fide, but due to a lack of proper quality control, disciplinary action can be taken against the client.

If your account has been debited by mistake, we can assist you by having it rectified. Please contact our call centre where you will be supplied with the contact details of our client. You may claim an immediate refund from them. In most instances we can provide you with both their telephone number and an e-mail address. If for any reason you are not refunded, please alert us by sending an e-mail for us to assist you further. The most likely reason for contacting the call centre will be the debiting of a bank account with an unfamiliar debit.

We can assist you by providing you the information of the organisation that has given the instruction to debit an account. The bank account number in question should be furnished to us in any telephonic or electronic correspondence.

If you wish to contact us regarding a query, you may contact us via the contact information provided below.
E-mail: enquiries@stratcol.co.za OR Tel: 086 113 5791

Correspondence via e-mail is preferred, as StratCol is one of the major debit order facilitators in South Africa which results in high call volumes.