E-Mandate & Payment Instruction

What is an E-Mandate / Payment Instruction?

The electronic mandate is a debit order authorisation (client’s bank account gets debited) and / or a payment instruction (client makes payment at a retailer store or through a Credit / Debit Card) that can be initiated by your customers on any digital platform.


E-Mandates and Payment Instructions hold the following advantages:

  • Increase sales and enhance cash flow by making services and products available through any digital platform e.g. your web site and other social media platforms.
  • Give your clients the opportunity to pay for services and products safely and securely online.
  • Promote effortless online transacting by providing an E-Mandate / Payment instruction link to your customer through e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp.

The Mandate and / or Payment Instruction’s flexible option includes:

  • Client details.
  • Collection Types
    • Collections:
      • EFT (Normal Debit Orders).
      • DebiCheck.
    • Payment instructions:
      • Pay@ (Payments at retailers).
      • PayFast (Credit / Debit Card Payments)

Products / service:

  • Multiple products / services can be accommodated.

Transaction Types and Dates:

  • Once-off
  • Monthly recurring
  • Annual
  • Escalation options


  • Quality Control (activate mandates on StratCol’s web interface).
  • One Time Pin (OTP) options.
  • CDV (Check Digit Verification).
  • Real Time Account Holder Verification / AVSR.
  • Real Time ID Verification.
  • GEO location when available.

Confirmation and Terms and Conditions:

For the service to be confirmed, the client will receive a SMS or an E-mail with the E-Mandate / Payment Instruction as well as the Terms and Conditions attached. The client will also receive the Terms and Conditions Overview detailing the conditions for using your website to sell products and services.


  • We support various integration options e.g. System-to-System integration, SFTP and Mobile integration.
  • Our INTEGRATOR platform can be defined into subsystems and modules to be embedded into your business software platform.
  • The functionality of the modules can be aligned to suit the process flow within an organisation.


  • StratCol’s fees compete well with those of other service providers and are of the lowest in the market.
  • Fees are determined on a client-by-client basis. Contact Us to obtain a Facility Application to assist us in establishing your specific needs, after which an official quotation will be forwarded to you.

    No additional fees are payable for the setup and use of an E-Mandate or Payment instruction only the standard StratCol transaction and administrative fees negotiated with the client are applicable.

Switch and save: 

  • Our competitive fee structure could result in a substantial cost reduction, regardless of your current service provider.

Enhance your cashflow!

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