Third Party Payments

StratCol can make bulk payments on your behalf.

Transaction days:

  • Transaction days can be customised to suit your needs which means any banking day of the month. However, transactions can only be done on banking days.

Payment and reporting:

  • Funds allocated to StratCol for distribution, should reflect in our bank account at least one working day prior to the payment / distribution date.
  • StratCol administers the payments and furnishes the end-user with a comprehensive payment report.


  • We support various integration options e.g. System-to-System integration, SFTP and Mobile integration.
  • Our INTEGRATOR platform can be defined into subsystems and modules to be embedded into your business software platform.
  • The functionality of the modules can be aligned to suit the process flow within an organisation.


  • StratCol’s fees compete well with those of other service providers and are of the lowest in the market.
  • Fees are determined on a client-by-client basis. Contact Us to obtain a Facility Application to assist us in establishing your specific needs, after which an official quotation will be forwarded to you.

Switch and save:

  • Our competitive fee structure could result in a substantial cost reduction, regardless of your current service provider.

Enhance your cashflow!

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